Mayhew and Mindy – The Scared Little Terrier

At Mayhew’s rescue centre, staff are onsite around the clock in order to care for the animals and to additionally deal Mindi4with any emergencies that may arise overnight.

Mayhew night staff were routinely checking the perimeter of the building and found a dirty carrier dumped in a corner.

Inside the carrier they discovered a cowering, terrified dog, who was completely hairless and covered in scars. Animal Welfare Officers settled this scared little terrier into the isolation ward as they suspected this was a case of demodectic mange. She was dreadfully thin, with severely overgrown nails and her stomach was swollen and riddled with worms.

Without knowing the exact circumstances an animal may have been in before their arrival at Mayhew, we can only speculate as to their past treatment. However, Mindy’s cowered body language around strangers and how she shook at her first walks outside suggest very poor treatment indeed.

Thankfully, Mindy responded very well to the treatment prescribed by the vet team and her hair soon started to grow back. Her plight had been noticed by a lady who, although she lived some distance from Mayhew, was determined to give Mindy the life she had always deserved.

Several months after first being found terrified and trapped inside that dirty carrier, Mindy left Mayhew for a new life by the sea. Her new owner sends regular updates as to how this little dog is now finally enjoying all the adventures a young pup deserves.