WHW and Bess

Bess is a 13.2hh 9-year-old Shire-Cross who arrived at World Horse Welfare’s Glenda Spooner Farm in Somerset Bess2back in 2011.

When she arrived Bess was emaciated, was lice ridden and had overgrown feet. Having been abandoned for so long, she was terrified of people and machinery.

Bess was also heavily pregnant but sadly lost her foal. When she arrived Bess weighed only 320kg so it has taken a long time for her to gain weight and condition.

Part of maintaining Bess’s health is routine treatments and specialist checks. At a team assessment the specialists reported that they were really pleased with her progress, and as a result of her managed weight gain and general good health the staff could focus on her schooling.

Bess has undertaken a specialised work programme, including regular exercises such as lunging and pole work to help develop muscle tone and strength. She was also long-reined which she enjoyed as she gets to walk around more of the farm.

Bess is now making regular use of the horse walker, which helps make her stronger and fitter. This helps her walk at a consistent regular speed without the risk of getting loose or harming herself and ensures she is getting enough exercise to keep her fit.

Through spring this year Bess has continued her ridden work, accepted a rider with ease and is now developing her skills in the outdoor school. She is confident in walk and trot and we will be starting some canter work with her soon.

Bess is now a Pony who likes work and learning new things. She is friendly and cuddly. Soon she will be ready for rehoming and can begin to enjoy the life she was meant to have.