SPANA and the saving of Bullo

SPANA’s team in Ethiopia recently treated a horse called Bullo, whose lameness had been aggravated by the use of Bullio2firing. The red-hot irons used to fire Bullo had also left terrible wounds, making him vulnerable to serious infections. Bullo’s owner had been advised by his friends to fire his horse, but the lameness worsened. After cleaning and treating Bullo’s burn wounds and giving him painkillers, antibiotics and an anti-tetanus injection, our vet talked to his owner about the dangers of firing. He was remorseful and promised he would not use firing again.

Harmful Traditional Practices
In many countries where SPANA work, sick or injured working animals are treated with traditional ‘remedies’ that sometimes do more harm than good. That’s why SPANA is working to stamp out these harmful practices.

Why is it happening?
In rural areas in the countries that SPANA work, veterinary treatment can be difficult to access because vets are scarce, or their fees are unaffordable to families living in poverty.

Sick or injured animals are therefore treated using traditional ‘cures’ that have been passed down through the generations.

Some people believe that firing will cure lameness and other conditions. However, instead of curing the problem, this practice causes terrible burns and extreme pain. What makes this more upsetting is that most of these conditions could be easily treated by a vet. Your support helps us to raise awareness and enables us to give these animals proper treatment.

Treatment is only half of the solution
Only education will stamp out the use of traditional practices. Thanks to people like you, SPANA is working at the heart of communities developing people’s animal welfare knowledge and encouraging compassion.

By gaining the trust of owners and communities through educational workshops, SPANA hope to replace harmful practices with correct and compassionate animal care. It’s going to take time, but with your support we are committed to ending this needless suffering.