Blue Cross cares for tiny kitten found on London tube train

A tiny kitten, thought to be just about four-weeks-old, was discovered on a London Underground train at Victoria station one Victoria2Monday night. A passenger discovered the kitten in a box left on the train and took her to their customer services.

Tube worker Sue Cooper arranged for to be brought to our nearby Blue Cross animal hospital in Victoria to be checked over by vets. Nicknamed ‘Victoria’, she was covered in some unknown sticky substance. She was cleaned up but otherwise she was found to be well.

Because she is so young and should still be feeding from her mum, our vet nurses have stepped in to hand feed her and provide 24 hour care.

It is a mystery as to why she was left on her own, without her mum or possible littermates. She will be transferred to our Lewknor rehoming centre soon. Little Victoria is certainly one of the most unusual items of ‘lost property’ handed in to London Underground.  She is also one of more than 200 kittens that we’re currently caring for at our centres and hospitals.

We strongly urge people to neuter their pets – one unneutered female cat can be responsible for more than 20,000 kittens in five years, and there just aren’t enough homes out there for them anymore.