November 30, 2020 | Appeals

Be their Secret Santa

Be their Secret Santa

This Christmas you could be an incredibly special Secret Santa to a cat, dog, donkey, or horse being cared for by our members, and give a gift that makes a difference.

Covid-19 is impacting on everyone – and that includes animals. Our members deal with cases of neglect, abuse, and abandonment of animals every day. And now, as the effects of COVID affect people’s jobs and finances, we are seeing an influx of animals who can sadly no longer be cared for.

£1 can make a huge difference to an animal in need this Christmas:

  • £1 could feed a homeless or sick animal in our member’s care.
  • £1 could provide soft bedding for a working animal recovering from injury.
  • £1 could pay for a sachet of pain relief medication.

We must keep feeding, caring for and providing veterinary treatment to the animals who need us – and we could not help them without people like you.

Be their Secret Santa and give a gift that makes a difference.