December 16, 2019 | Animal Stories

Buster gets a happy Christmas

Buster gets a happy Christmas

Meet brave Buster – who spent the first six and a half years of his life serving in the police force! When he was retired four years ago, he was adopted by Sue, who hoped to give him the happy retirement he deserved.

However, Buster’s health started deteriorating two years ago when he began suffering from slowly worsening neck and back pain as well as weakness of his back legs. He took a turn for the worse in May 2019 when he suddenly became extremely uncoordinated and couldn’t stand up without assistance – the very same day Buster was referred to Together for Animals member the Animal Health Trust for an emergency assessment.

Buster was immediately seen by their specialist vets and an MRI scan uncovered a bulging disc in the very upper section of his back, which was severely compressing his spinal cord. Buster was hospitalised for a few days and began essential physiotherapy treatment from in-house physiotherapist Matt Scott. Thanks to Matt’s expertise, Buster began to show signs of improvement and was able to go home. Although Buster was still very wobbly and required a lot of support from a sling – which was not easy on his owner Susan as he’s not little – he was ready to start the long road to recovery.

Buster continued to visit AHT regularly to see Matt for physiotherapy sessions and after a couple of months, started hydrotherapy at a centre closer to home. Six months on and Buster has built up enough strength and stability to get up and about without needing any assistance from his owner, getting stronger every day and ready to spend this Christmas pain-free!

“Buster and I came to AHT hoping their team could help – and of course they did!” explained Sue. “We were both frightened when we arrived, not at all sure where our journey might have ended. But every single member of staff we met was so knowledgeable, professional, helpful, friendly and empathetic. From the neurologists, through to the reception team, with the hydrotherapists and Matt in-between – they were all fabulous!

“We still have to work on Buster’s condition with physio and hydro to keep him as mobile as possible, but we’re confident we can do it. We truly wouldn’t be where we are today without the help from everyone at the Animal Health Trust!”

Thanks to Sue and the team at AHT Buster will enjoy the comfortable Christmas he deserves!

Not all animals are as fortunate as Buster. Please help us raise vital funds to provide food and care for 100 animals who are homeless or suffering and desperately in need of our help this Christmas.