How Your Donations Help

Supporting Together for Animals is an easy and effective way of helping a variety of animals in need, making a difference to their lives, now and in the future.

Because of the kind support and donations Together for Animals receives, we are able to help change the lives of cats, dogs, donkeys, and horses through:

Respect & Kindness

Fighting to ensure animals are treated with the respect and kindness they deserve

Happy Homes

Finding happy homes for abandoned or unwanted pets and horses

Veterinary Care

Providing veterinary care for animals in need, including working animals in the world’s poorest communities


Researching and treating disease and injury in animals to help horses, dogs and cats survive disease and injury

Respect & Kindness

Educating 200,000 people each year on the best ways to care for their animals, and campaigning for animals rights.

Happy Homes

Each year our members rescue and rehome 10,000 unwanted, abandoned, or neglected animals in need.

Veterinary Care

In the UK and in some of the world’s poorest communities, our members provide animals and their owners with support, saving 340,000 animals from suffering.


Developing better diagnosis, preventions and cures of disease and injury in animals to help save lives.

Make a Single Donation

Because of your kind support, we are able to help change the lives of cats, dogs, donkeys, and horses


could help to give animals in our care everything they need to be happy and healthy

Donate £5

could buy vital medical supplies or treatment for a sick animal.

Donate £10

could help fund a day’s training on animal care in developing countries.

Donate £15

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