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Car Travel with Pets: 7 Tips for Safety and Security

Car Travel with Pets: 7 Tips for Safety and Security

Most pets will need to take a trip in a car at some point in their lives. Car travel can be stressful for you and your pet if you are not properly prepared. If you are planning on travelling with pets, you will need to take some steps to prepare for your pet’s safety and security.

Car leasing experts, caruno state “when it comes to car considerations for your furry friend, there’s a couple of things to think about that’ll prevent a rough ride. Should your pet be able to get in without assistance? If so, you want to look at the height of the car. What about the space inside? Can they stretch their legs out? Are they sitting front or back and is there a way to secure them?”

Taking these points into consideration, here are some tips to ensure your pet’s safety and security during car travel!

Do a practice trip

Help your pet feel more comfortable in a car by making them familiar with the surroundings and vehicle by doing a practice trip. Adding a few of their favourite toys and blanket could also help settle them in, as well as practicing putting them in the car in their pet carrier. We’d recommend practicing this at least twice, going on short drives, just so they get used to the car motion and noise. Reward them afterwards with treats and cuddles! to create a positive association with driving.

Keep Your Pet Restrained

For everyone’s safety, you should not let your pet roam free in the car. Your attention needs to solely be on safe driving and if your pet is unrestrained, they could distract you if they get excited or scared. Keep your pets safe and secure by travelling with them in a pet carrier or place them on an empty seat with a harness attached to the seatbelt.

Pack A Pet Car Pack

Having a pet car pack will help you feel prepared and keep your pet safe and comfortable during your car journey. Pack your pets’ regular food, water, medications, and bowls. Also, include any supplies you will need to clean up after your pet such as waste bags, a scoop, cleaning wipes, and potty pads. Bring some toys a long as well and any other essential first aid items that your pet could need.

Have Identification Prepared

Make sure your pet’s microchip information is up to date before travelling. When travelling far distances, make sure your pet can be quickly identified. Place a temporary tag on their collar with contact details and the location of the destination where you are heading in case your pet gets lost while you are travelling. If you are travelling across borders, be sure to check if a health certificate is required along with proof of rabies vaccination. You can find more details regarding pet health certificates and taking your pet abroad here.

Monitor Car Windows

Every pet loves fresh air and having air flowing through your car whilst travelling is vital for the comfort of your dog. Allow them to enjoy some fresh air if you are parked, ensuring they are safely secured to the car in a carrier or harness, especially when you are driving. Monitor your window opening length when you are on the motorway, so your dog isn’t tempted to put their head out the window! Instead, choose a window farthest away from your dog to crack open to ensure they are always safe.

Bring Another Passenger If Possible

It’s a lot safer to have someone else in the vehicle to look after your pet while you drive. So whenever possible, plan to bring another passenger with you on a journey to be able to attend to your pet and keep them calm while you drive. It is also beneficial to have two adults present for rest stops so your pet is always being accompanied!

Ensure water is available

Always ensure that your pet is well hydrated throughout your journey, which you can do by trying a non-spill water bowl so they have access to water throughout the whole journey!

Special thanks to Lily Meyers for this article.