January 7, 2024 | Animal Stories

Deaf cat gets fresh start

Deaf cat gets fresh start

Deaf tabby Dash is starting the new year looking forward to having a loving home to call his own, after spending more than six months with Together for Animals member Blue Cross.

Like many animals needing our members help, Dash came from a home that could no longer keep him amid the rising cost of living.

Arriving in their care with an open leg wound needing vet care, along with routine vaccinations, flea and worming treatments, Dash has come a long way. The striking two-year-old blossomed with the dedicated team at the Southampton rehoming centre.

Being deaf.

Being deaf meant that Dash startled quite easily, but lots of careful handling, playing with his favourite rod toys and tasty treats of fresh chicken meant Dash could relax. After over 200 days of care and support the inquisitive and playful tabby was ready to make the leap into a new home.

Jo, Animal Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross Southampton said: “It has taken a long time to gain his trust, however, now Dash lets me stroke him and give him gentle chin scratches. On occasion he will rub into my hand – it has taken several months to get to this stage, but he seems to enjoy this. Dash is incredibly playful, and this is the way to his heart. He is a real character and there is never a dull moment with him”.

Our members couldn’t help animals like Dash without your kindness and support. Thank you.