December 1, 2023 | News

Dolly’s new home

Dolly’s new home

To see her photograph of smiling Dolly loving her new forever home, you wouldn’t know she had not had the easiest start in life.

Dolly was given up by her owners earlier this year arriving at Together for Animals member Mayhew matted, underweight and heavily pregnant. The team knew that what Dolly needed was a calm, peaceful environment to birth and mother her pups. Luckily, one of Mayhew’s experienced foster carers was able to provide that for Dolly and the nine pups she gave birth to.

Her foster carer said: “Dolly is a wonderful girl. She had a sad history and then became the most loving and attentive mum to her pups; we are so thankful to Mayhew for saving her and selecting us as her foster home. Fostering her was an absolute pleasure, and we are so thrilled that she’s now off to start the life she truly deserves in her lovely new home.”

Thanks to the loving care and support from the team at Mayhew and her foster carer, delightful Dolly and all her youngsters have been adopted. A very happy girl, Dolly brings joy to everyone that meets her. She is very affectionate and loving and craves human company. Dolly needed a home where she’d be able to spend her evenings snuggled up on the sofa with her owners – and that’s exactly what she’s found.

When her new family met Dolly, it was love at first sight – and the feeling is obviously mutual! Dolly adores sleeping with her new friend Crystal, who is also another Standard Poodle rescue.

Her new owner, Charles said: ”We were very surprised and pleased at the way Dolly has settled in within hours of arriving at her new home. She and Crystal, who is 10, get on very well and both make sure they get their fair share of cuddles.

“Dolly has found the large garden a big bonus and she and Crystal have short games of chase. Both dogs have their own baskets and are quite happy to go to bed at night, so long as the goodnight is accompanied by two dog biscuits each!

“We had been told about Dolly’s previous problems, but so far, we have seen no sign of those, just a happy dog, with a waggy tail, who appears to have a permanent smile on her face. We fell in in love with her the first day we met her she has returned that love magnificently.”

It’s been a happy ending for Dolly and her pups, who have all found loving homes.