Payroll Giving for employers

Payroll Giving, also known as ‘give as you earn’ or ‘workplace giving’, is a quick, easy and tax efficient way for both employers and their employees to support animals in need.

Through Payroll Giving, your company will help support charities chosen by your employees. The donation is taken after National Insurance but before tax, which means the donation costs less to your employees.

Benefits of payroll giving for employers:
• Quick, simple and easy to set up, at no cost*.
• Enhances your Corporate Social Responsibility profile.
• Boosts your reputation and public image.
• Demonstrates commitment to causes your employees care about.
• Aids staff recruitment and retention, and improves morale.
• Recognition through quality marks and excellence awards.

We will help you set up your scheme and promote it to your employees so they know how to sign up to donate. Each payday, your payroll team takes the donation directly from their gross salary and sends it to your chosen Payroll Giving Agency to distribute to the chosen charities. The donations are accompanied with a list of employees taking part and their total contribution in that pay period.

To get started please contact Caroline Gaskin on 07545 073 855 or email caroline@togetherforanimals.org.uk

*There are no set-up costs for employers. Payroll Giving Agencies can charge a processing fee of up to 5% of the donation amount. However, some agencies don’t charge and some charge a transaction fee per employee. You may choose to cover this fee for your employees otherwise the Agency will deduct it from donations. You can find a list of all approved agencies on the gov.uk website.