August 14, 2023 | Animal Stories

Foal puts her ‘Faith’ in the future

Foal puts her ‘Faith’ in the future

Six-month old skewbald foal, Faith, was beaten in her stable while the distressed animal’s owner looked on unconcerned. Unbeknownst to the abusers, the shocking 1½ hour-long attack was caught on the yard’s CCTV camera. Ever since, little Faith has been looked after by Together for Animals member World Horse Welfare, and their team at the Glenda Spooner Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Somerset.

Faith’s abuser received a lifetime ban on keeping all animals (with a 10-year period before he can apply for that to be lifted) and a five-month prison sentence – suspended for 21 months – in May of this year.

Field Officer Penny visited the yard near Romsey, Hampshire where Faith was kept after the yard owner reported a welfare concern. Penny said: “When I first got to the yard Faith – who was a just-weaned very young foal – was in a real state. She was very distressed, and when I tried to enter her stable, in self-defence she put her ears flat back, turned her bum towards me and tried to kick – that filly was terrified.”

Penny’s visit was in November 2021, when she also saw the CCTV coverage showing the sustained attack and beating of the foal in the stable, whilst the foal’s owner and another woman sat outside in full view of what was going on inside the stable. Police, vets, and the RSPCA all agreed that an offence had been committed and Penny was able to arrange for World Horse Welfare to take Faith into their care. Now two, Faith is growing into a pretty pony. Penny said:

“It’s taken 18 months for her case to reach conclusion which is not an unusual length of time for prosecutions, and during that time Faith has been slowly recovering with the expert care of our teams at Glenda Spooner Farm. Her physical scars quickly healed, but her mental scars may never completely go, this kind of experience is likely to leave a mark on her for the rest of her life. We thank all of our supporters and donors whose direct help goes towards supporting horses and ponies like Faith.”

The costs of caring for and treating Faith since she was seized back in November 2021 have been borne by World Horse Welfare and the ultimate aim for the young horse will be to rehome her when she is ready. World Horse Welfare retains ownership of every horse or pony that comes into its care for the rest of their lives, meaning there is no danger of them once again becoming welfare cases.

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