February 6, 2024 | Animal Stories

Happily rehomed

Happily rehomed

When Clare and her family‘s beloved 18-year-old cat, Charlie (who they adopted when he was just five months old) died, they really missed him and the house felt empty.

Although she felt guilty even thinking about looking for another pet, Clare visited our member Mayhew with her 12-year-old daughter to see if a cat might choose them. It didn’t take long for two cheeky and playful boys to introduce themselves!

Now known as Angelo and Lorenzo, this curious duo immediately introduced themselves to Clare and her daughter. Lorenzo wanted a cuddle while his brother Angelo was a little more cautious but still friendly. As Clare knew they were a bonded pair, she decided two cats would be a perfect addition to the family.

The purrfect addition.

Clare said, “When I collected them, they stayed in the small bedroom for a day but would come out to investigate when we were all in bed at night. The next day they were walking around but still a little cautious. We played with them which helped them become more relaxed and confident.”

“They have made themselves at home now!  Angelo is extremely clever and will take all the toys out of the box and take them to my daughter’s bedroom to play. Lorenzo sits by the treat cupboard or if he hears the fridge open, he’s immediately by our feet.  Now they are allowed outside, they love teasing the French bulldog a few doors down and have brought in a few ‘presents’ of birds and mice.”

“They are great fun and very loving. I would recommend to anyone to rehome a rescue pet as there are so many cats and dogs that need a loving home. Lorenzo and Angelo have already given us so much joy.“

“I look forward to coming home from work although they do leave a trail of destruction, they love socks and my washing up sponges. And still really enjoy pulling the shoelaces out of my daughter’s trainers and chewing my flip flops!”

Thank you for helping pets like Angelo and Lorenzo find happy, loving forever homes.