October 14, 2023 | Animal Stories

Happy ending for abandoned kittens

Happy ending for abandoned kittens

When five sweet kittens were recently discovered inside a cardboard box by a concerned dog walker in a London park, they took them to Together for Animals member Mayhew for the help and care they needed.

When the kittens arrived at Mayhew they were cleaned, fed and given a full veterinary check- up. One was showing symptoms of shock, so was kept warm on a heat pad and monitored closely.

Once it was established the kittens were healthy, they were moved into a cosy cabin in the charity’s kitten block where they could feel safe, settled and secure and were named by staff as Elvis, Ed Sheeran (pictured), Rihanna, Paloma and Faith.

With care and affection from the team, the kittens went from strength-to-strength. They soon found their playful sides, and especially enjoyed play time together chasing feather wand toys.

When vulnerable kittens like these first come to Mayhew, they will receive expert care in their special kitten block in the cattery.

Some kittens will have had minimal human contact prior to their arrival, so they then try to place them with foster carers who are able to spend time with them, getting them used to people and dealing with any additional needs, such as regular bottle feeding for younger kittens.

We’re pleased to say that these little stars have all been adopted and are finding their feet in loving homes, starting their next happy chapter.

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