May 13, 2024 | Animal Stories

Moose’s miracle

Moose’s miracle

Moose had been hit by a car and left at a vet’s when he was about two years old. His left hind leg was amputated, and he spent a long time in rehabilitation at Together for Animals member charity Blue Cross. When he arrived at his new home Moose was understandably terrified.

Through gentle care and encouragement from his new owner Carol, progressing to daily tuna, cuddles and even morning massages, Moose gradually gained confidence and became a loving companion.

One day, Moose displayed unusual behaviour by clawing at Carol’s breast, prompting her to seek medical attention. Following a mammogram soon after, she came home one evening to a letter. Normally Carol would have left reading it until morning, but Moose’s odd behaviour made her open it there and then.

An abnormality had been found and she was due at hospital the next morning for further tests. A biopsy was taken from the exact same spot that Moose clawed her, and she was soon diagnosed with breast cancer.

Reflecting on Moose’s actions, Carol emphasises, “Without Moose, I wouldn’t have opened that letter [from the doctor], so I’d have missed that appointment. I would have got treatment, I would have had surgery, but not as fast. And it was a fast-growing cancer. I’m eternally grateful. He’s not behaved like that before or since. Listen to your animals. They’ve got skills we do not understand, and they should be respected.

“I’ve rescued him, but he’s rescued me. They rescue you, without you realising you needed it.”

Moose has since been a source of comfort and support for Carol during her chemotherapy treatment, cuddling up to her each evening. Their extraordinary bond serves as a testament to the profound connection between pets and their owners, showcasing the remarkable ways animals can impact our lives.

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