Mayhew works to improve the lives of cats, dogs and the people in local communities both at home and internationally.

For nearly 140 years Mayhew has been right at the heart of the community for dogs and cats in need. We understand, value, and cherish dogs and cats and we do all we can to keep pets and their people together. On average, we rehome over 500 cats and dogs every year and help thousands more through our veterinary and welfare initiatives.

Offering expert veterinary care, rescue and rehoming services programmes in the community, and credible guidance and support, it’s Mayhew’s care, warmth and creativity that touches lives. We take the time to really get to know the dogs and cats we care for and those who care for them.

Whether in London or abroad, our commitment to animal welfare and improving health and wellbeing outcomes for dogs, cats, pet owners and communities is the same.

Our Community Vet Clinic

Mayhew has had a community vet clinic on site since 1925 and we have a long and proud history of reaching dogs, cats and pet owners with veterinary interventions they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to afford. Today, our veterinary provision is free at the point of need.

We offer preventative vet treatments including neutering, microchipping, vaccinations and dental procedures so we can give dogs and cats the best chance of a long and happy life.


Our Therapaws programme enables people from all walks of life to access the amazing power of animal assisted therapy. Our volunteers take their behaviourally assessed dogs into hospitals, mental health centres, SEN schools, care homes and hospices. When people interact with therapy dogs, it provides a calming environment and can improve communication as well as evoking memories and stimulating conversation.

Our work in the community

We want to prevent dogs and cats from coming into the shelter environment and we work hard to keep them with loving owners whenever that is possible. We do this through our presence in the local community and provide essential supplies such as dog and cat food, litter, bedding, leads, harnesses and toys, directly to those who need it or through community support services such as food banks or shelters for people experiencing homelessness.

We run Pet Support Hub sessions at Mayhew and in the community to provide advice and support and where needed arrange access to our range of free of charge preventative veterinary care.

Pet Refuge

We provide short-term shelter and care for the pets of people who are in crisis whether they need to go to hospital, rehabilitation or need respite.

Our work overseas

Our work overseas addresses issues around free-roaming dog and cat populations, assisting local and national governments to proactively deliver programmes in a more humane and effective way.

We also provide capacity building for the local veterinary profession through access to training and work to change people’s behaviours and attitudes towards animals.