Mayhew works to improve the lives of cats, dogs and the people in local communities both at home and internationally.

Mayhew is one of the busiest and most effective animal welfare charities in London, working to improve the lives of cats, dogs and the people in local communities both at home and internationally.

Mayhew recognises that animal welfare issues and social welfare issues are intrinsically linked and aims to reduce the number of animals in need by undertaking proactive community initiatives and preventative care.

As well as providing rescue and re-homing services and veterinary provision, Mayhew also offers a broad range of programmes including:

  • Visits to schools and colleges – to educate on animal welfare and prevent welfare issues arising in the first place
  • Homeless community support – For 17 years, Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officers have been working with the homeless and their dogs and cats providing advice, free neutering and microchipping, leads and collars, warm coats, food, and veterinary care at our Community Vet Clinic when needed.
  • Pet Refuge – shelter and care for the pets of people in crisis for short periods of time
  • Trap, Neuter and Return programme for feral cats (TNR)
  • TheraPaws® – a dog therapy programme for vulnerable people in the community with volunteers regularly taking their dogs to care homes, hospitals and hospices across London to spend time, engage with and bring well-being to people.

Mayhew’s on-site Community Vet Clinic of professional vets and vet nurses provide low-cost and affordable neutering and preventative vet care including microchipping, vaccinations, and flea and worm treatments. In addition, the clinic offers a range of training programmes which is an approved training centre for veterinary nurses. Also working in conjunction with The College of Animal Welfare (CAW), the charity offers course based qualifications in Animal Care.

Mayhew International works overseas to help alleviate the suffering of street cats and dogs and educate on animal welfare, funding rabies prevention and Trap Vaccination Neuter and Release programmes as well as International Vet Training.

On average, the charity rehomes on average over 500 cats and dogs every year and helps thousands more through their veterinary and welfare initiatives.

It costs £6000 a day to keep the rescue centre operational and able to open their doors to countless animals in need and Mayhew is funded entirely by public donations.