October 1, 2022 | Appeals

Pause for Pets

Pause for Pets

Take a pause from the stresses of life and help an animal in need.

‘Pause for Pets’ encourages you to take a moment for yourself and enjoy a mindful activity – whether that be knitting, crochet, colouring, meditation or enjoying a laughter yoga class – while helping save the life of an animal need.

As the dark nights return this event will not only raise urgently needed funds for abandoned, homeless and sick animals, but we hope the activities will help give you a boost too!

Henry the horse knitted toyFor a small donation – we kindly suggest £10, but the amount is your choice – you will receive a downloadable PDF with the patterns and files you need to take part in the activities at a time that suits you and your schedule!

Included in the pack are:
• Knitting pattern – Henry the horse (pictured)
• Crochet pattern – Black Cat Hat
• A video Laughter Yoga class
• Adult colouring sheets
• A mindful meditation

From crocheting a black cat hat to add to your seasonal wardrobe, to laughing to ease stress, we hope this pack and the activities include something that everyone will enjoy and benefit from.

Your donation – big or small – will go to helping provide cats, dogs, donkeys, and horses with the care they need this winter, and beyond.

To enjoy these activities, simply click here to donate and choose ‘Pause for Pets’ on the donation form. We will be in touch shortly afterwards with your pack.