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Payroll Giving Month

Payroll Giving Month

This February discover the easy way to support animal welfare through Payroll Giving with Together for Animals. It’s a hassle-free method to make regular donations straight from your pay, the exclusive way to back four animal welfare charities in one tax-efficient donation. Setting it up is simple, and your donation is automatically deducted from your gross income every month.

Gidget the kitten is just one of the animals who recently needed help

Meet Gidget the kitten – just one of many animals recently assisted by Together for Animals supporters. Your consistent contributions, like those facilitated by Payroll Giving schemes, enable our members to extend their help to more animals urgently in need of rescue, rehoming, or veterinary care.

Donating is incredibly simple! Complete our online form, and we’ll ensure your company operates a Payroll Giving scheme. Your donation, taken before tax, means every £1 you give only costs you 80pence, with the rest covered by tax relief! For any queries, reach out to caroline@togetherforanimals.org.uk.

Why is Payroll Giving beneficial for you?

  • Give to charity tax-free.
  • Support one or multiple causes effortlessly.
  • For higher-rate taxpayers, it’s the sole way to channel all tax on your donation directly to your chosen charity.
The potential impact of your donations:

The tax relief your chosen charity receives depends on your tax band:

Amount you give each payday: Cost to a 20% taxpayer: Cost to a 40% taxpayer: Cost to a 45% taxpayer:
£10 £8 £6 £5.50
£50 £40 £30 £27.50

With regular donations through Payroll Giving, Together For Animals can make much needed plans for the future which will allow us to reach even more animals in desperate need of our help.

Why is Payroll Giving beneficial for employers?Little Basil and Lauren

  • Show support for vulnerable animals and causes important to your staff.
  • Embrace Corporate Social Responsibility, fostering positive feelings among staff and brand loyalty among customers.
  • Simple setup and management, with minimal admin and setup fees.
  • Help employees save on donations by switching from direct debit payments to Payroll Giving.

“We love Payroll Giving at Mitchells & Butlers, our team have wholeheartedly embraced giving from their pay as a quick and easy way to support their favourite causes. We’re delighted to offer the scheme and would encourage any other employers to provide it for their teams too, it’s a win win!” – Lauren Collier, Reward & Policy Manager, Mitchells & Butlers

Join us during Payroll Giving Month for a brief webinar, exploring the benefits of starting a Payroll Giving scheme. Register here to ask questions and learn more about the impactful difference you can make.

Find out more about Payroll Giving. 
We rely solely on the generosity and kindness of people like you. Discover how your donations create meaningful change.