April 22, 2024 | Animal Stories

Rabbit in headlights

Rabbit in headlights

Rescued from a perilous situation on a dark country road, pregnant rabbit Shrimp and her companion Ned were saved by our member charity Blue Cross’ team member Charles.

Left abandoned in the cold January night, the lop-eared pair were discovered by Charles just meters away from the safety of the Blue Cross centre in Ipswich.

Despite their domestic upbringing, they faced threats from wildlife and disease, a sad fate met by another rabbit found deceased on the road. As Charles says, “There are foxes and buzzards which could have got them, plus the deadly rabbit disease myxomatosis is still around. Pet rabbits really don’t know how to survive in the wild.”

Thankfully spotted “frozen in the headlights” of a car, the golden-brown rabbits were taken to safety. Charles recounts the rescue, saying, “As I was driving down the hill, I suddenly saw a rabbit frozen in my headlights… Then the next thing I saw was another one, standing in a meerkat pose in my headlights.”

Bringing the confused pets back to the centre, the young crossbreed rabbits were checked for any injuries before being given food and a warm place to stay. Shrimp, about six months old and pregnant, stayed at the centre while Ned received veterinary care and found a foster home. A week later,  Shrimp gave birth to four kits – Oyster, Prawn, Clam, and Squid. Charles expressed his surprise at finding the rabbits, “It was clear the rabbits have  had so much love, care, and attention, so it’s hard to see them just left on a hill in the cold and dark where they really aren’t safe.”

Alison, Marketing Manager at Blue Cross said: “We are proud to be part of Together for Animals, alongside other animal welfare charities, collaborating to make a greater impact in improving the lives of animals in need.

“This collaborative effort relies on the generous support of donors who enable us to provide vital services and care for pets like Shrimp and Ned, ensuring they have a brighter future ahead.”

These adorable bunnies, oblivious to the danger they narrowly escaped, are now thriving under Blue Cross care, soon to find loving forever homes. Thank you for helping care for abandoned animals — of all sizes — when they need it most.