October 27, 2023 | Animal Stories

Red the carthorse saved from agony

Red the carthorse saved from agony

Red the carthorse helps his owner, Warku, by transporting goods around the streets of Batu, a lakeside town in central Ethiopia. Without Red, Warku would have no means of earning an income and supporting his family. Ongoing economic uncertainty and recent food shortages due to drought, have made life for working animals and their owners an even greater struggle.

One day Warku noticed the emergence of small sores underneath Red’s harness. The owner knew that the sores on his 15-year-old carthorse were not normal and required veterinary attention.

When Together for Animals member SPANA made its next regular visit to Batu, Warku took Red along to the mobile clinic for treatment. Red was examined by SPANA vets who immediately isolated him from the other animals because he was suffering from epizootic lymphangitis (EZL). This painful fungal disease affects the skin and lymphatic system. It causes skin nodules to develop, that can lead to highly infectious open ulcers. Without treatment, EZL causes animals agony and debilitation, and in some cases can be fatal.

Thankfully, Red was at the early stages of EZL. The vets cleaned Red’s nodules with water and antiseptic, carefully prepared the affected areas, then applied iodine to prevent the disease from spreading. Warku was advised to rest Red, keep him away from other animals and to bring him back to the clinic regularly over the next few months for further treatment and check-ups. Lastly, Red was given some new harness padding to prevent any further discomfort.

Warku said: “Thank you, SPANA. I appreciate your services, and I am very happy that you are treating my horse.”

Thanks to SPANA’s mobile clinics and continued efforts to combat the devastating impact of EZL, thousands of animals like Red have a fighting chance of survival. Thank you for supporting their work.