January 27, 2019 | Animal Stories

Magic is a true part of the family

Magic is a true part of the family

We love hearing the stories of what the horses and ponies rehomed by our member World Horse Welfare get up to and when they received these gorgeous photos of Magic from his rehomers, we had to share them.

Martha entered her rehomed pony, Magic, in our Rehomed Horse of the Year competition in 2018 and whilst he didn’t win his category, he did become the proud owner of his first ever rosette – at the grand old age of 27 years!

magic hacking

Martha said: “Our pony Magic is the ‘biggest character’. He is a little, white welsh mountain pony , with a sweet, mischievous and unique character.

Magic spends a lot of his time munching grass and chatting to his larger horsey friend Hartley. Occasionally he decides that the grass is greener on the other side, and when I go to give him his tea, he is not in the same field that he was in, in the morning, and I think to myself, ” how did he manage that “, and he looks at me through his cheeky little eyes and I say, ‘well that’s Magic’ !!!

magic ridden pony

Magic is 27 years old now and he has been part of our family since he was 4. All my cousins, second cousins, brother and myself have learnt to ride on him, and in turn have also all experienced falling off him ! Magic decides when he’s not moving at all or when he is shooting off in the opposite direction to where you were going. He did this once when my cousin was facing backwards while doing ‘around the world’ ! My brother once found himself sitting on the ground while Magic knelt next to him eating poppies, in the middle of a lesson ! Catching Magic is often a bit of a challenge, for some more than others. Leading him might mean, a torn pocket, a cheeky nip or being dragged through nettles !

But Magic can also be the perfect little pony if needs be, he knows exactly how to behave when a young child is on his back. His personality makes us laugh and smile.

We have outgrown him but Magic is still the first one everyone greets and the last one everyone says goodbye to.

Magic has a hole in his heart but he fills all of ours.”

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