June 19, 2024 | Animal Stories

Rescuing Ramil

Rescuing Ramil

Together for Animals member SPANA’s veterinary team in Tunisia treated a camel suffering from an excruciating itch and a dangerous skin infection.

Ramil the camel is a favourite with tourists who visit the desert town of Douz, in central Tunisia. Every day, the 10-year-old camel helps his owner, Hassen, support his family by giving visitors short rides into the Sahara Desert.

Ramil was seen by SPANA’s veterinary team at our mobile clinic in Douz when Hassen noticed his camel had developed a wound on his right front leg. Further inspection by the vets revealed Ramil was suffering from suspected scabies – a skin infection caused by mites. This excruciatingly itchy condition had caused Ramil to rub his leg raw.

The vets then applied topical antiseptic and anti-parasitic spray. To ensure that they tackled the scabies problem fully, the vets also gave Ramil anti-parasitic medication to treat any remaining mites and to avoid further flare ups.

Scabies is highly contagious, so the vets took their time to explain to Hassen that he needed to take great care when handling his camel, and to clean his wound every day until it had healed. Hassen was also advised he should keep Ramil away from other animals and wash all his bedding, harnessing and padding. Finally, the vets asked Hassen to bring Ramil back to the clinic when it made its next visit to Douz, so that they could check on his progress.

Hassen was grateful for SPANA’s help. He said: ‘I was very sad when I noticed my camel had hurt his leg, but I am happy that SPANA knew what was wrong and that Ramil will be able to give rides to tourists again soon.’

Every day, SPANA’s vets encounter working animals suffering from the debilitating effects of mites and other parasites. Parasites can be treated easily, but many working animals are needlessly suffering from the devastating illnesses and complications that parasites can cause if they are left untreated.

With your kindness, we can ensure pets and working animals receive the essential treatment they need to live a life free from pain and suffering. Thank you so much for your support.