May 27, 2023 | Animal Stories

Saving Salli from malnutrition

Saving Salli from malnutrition

Thanks to your regular support, Together for Animals member SPANA has been working tirelessly to prevent working animals from suffering due to the considerable impact of the cost of living crisis. Your support helps provide expert care for animals who would otherwise be helpless – like Salli:

Salli has worked loyally alongside her owner, Souley, for the past five years. The faithful horse helps him earn a basic living as a farmer by carrying out a variety of agricultural tasks near the border town of Boghé, Mauritania.

Salli was resting one evening when her concerned owner noticed that she seemed to have lost her appetite and had become weak and lethargic. When Salli’s health did not improve, and it was clear she was losing weight, Souley decided to take her to our member SPANA’s Boghé centre for a check-up.

At the centre, Salli was given a full examination by SPANA veterinary staff. They observed she was very weak and underweight, diagnosing her as suffering from malnutrition. This was caused by internal parasites which live in the gut and, if left untreated, can take vital nutrition and energy from working animals. This can lead to further complications and, in some cases, serious illness. The vets administered anti-parasite medication to treat the problem, and also provided vitamins to boost her general health, as well as giving her a nutritious feed.

Prior to the cost of living crisis, the nine-year-old horse was generally in good health. But the recent period of economic hardship has made it even more difficult for farmers like Souley to earn a sustainable living. As a result, through no fault of their own, owners across the world are struggling to afford the food that their hardworking animals, like Salli, so desperately need.

The team advised Souley to keep a close eye on Salli for the next few days and to make sure she had plenty of fresh water and a good supply of feed. Souley promised to return to the centre the following week, so that the vets could check on Salli’s progress.

Souley couldn’t thank the vets enough for their help. He said: “This is not my first visit to the SPANA centre. I always bring my animals here if they need treatment. This centre is very helpful for us, thank you.”

Because of your support, SPANA vets are able to provide lifesaving treatment for working animals, like Salli, when they need us most. Whether they are faced with local economic problems, extreme weather or conflict, your ongoing support means that SPANA can ensure working animals receive the veterinary care they so urgently need. Thank you so much for making a lasting difference to the lives of thousands of working animals across the world.