October 1, 2021 | Animal Stories

Saving Samba from a sad fate

Saving Samba from a sad fate

Samba works five hours each day, pulling barrels of fresh water to households across the desert town of Boghé, Mauritania. Working alongside his owner Mohamed, the carthorse starts before dawn to avoid the sweltering 50-degree heat.

Samba provides a lifeline to the community who depend on him for delivering their only source of clean water. So when Mohamed saw Samba heavily panting and ignoring his food one morning, the owner was beside himself with worry.

Within a few days, the usually energetic young horse was struggling to breathe and his appetite had completely disappeared. Mohamed tried to coax his lethargic horse to eat, but without success. He was frightened that if Samba didn’t receive veterinary help soon, his trusted horse might pass the point of recovery.

Thankfully, Mohamed knew that Together for Animals member SPANA had a centre local to him providing emergency care – even during the Covid-19 lockdown. As soon as they arrived at SPANA’s Boghé centre, the dedicated team got to work examining Samba.

The vets carefully listened to Samba’s lungs and took his temperature. As his temperature was quite high, the vets put him on a course of antibiotics. Samba was also suffering from a bad case of intestinal worms, likely picked up while grazing. If left untreated, the parasites could eventually lead to colic, anaemia, and fatal weight loss.

Luckily, once diagnosed, Samba’s treatment was simple. The horse was dewormed and the vets advised his owner to keep Samba’s environment clean and dry. They were sent home with emergency feed to help build Samba’s strength. Thanks to SPANA’s intervention, within a few days Samba was looking much healthier as he began to gain weight.

Samba is invaluable to Mohamed’s community, and they would struggle to survive without free veterinary care. Your regular support is helping SPANA treat vulnerable working animals in urgent need. Thank you.