December 10, 2023 | Animal Stories

Trapped donkey saved

Trapped donkey saved

A powerful earthquake hit central Morocco on Friday 8 September, just after 11pm local time. Thousands have been killed and survivors are without clean water, food and shelter. Within minutes, communities and their working animals’ lives have been turned upside down.

donkey and rescue teamAs part of their emergency work in Morocco, Together for Animals member SPANA came to the aid of a donkey who was left trapped and fighting for its life after the recent earthquake in Morocco.

Imi N’Isli is one of the many villages that have been devastated by the Morocco earthquake in the Atlas Mountains. While visiting the area to administer emergency treatment and support to animals in need, the SPANA team learned of a donkey who was trapped in dangerous ruins.

The donkey had been without water since the earthquake – over six days earlier. The building was pure rubble, with just a small area providing potential access – it was a perilous situation for the donkey, with collapse of the remaining building looking very likely.

Emergency crews in Morocco

Fortunately, the UK International Search and Rescue (ISAR) team was in the village providing support. Upon completing essential paramedic help, they came to the donkey’s rescue. Following a very careful assessment, and extensive discussions with the SPANA vet team, a rescue plan was devised.

Two hours later, the UK ISAR team, SPANA vets and a very lucky donkey walked out on the ruins to a rapturous round of applause and the donkey was reunited with his relieved owner. SPANA cannot thank the UK ISAR team enough for their support.

The donkey received treatment from the SPANA team and a very large bucket of water – he will hopefully be around for many years now.

SPANA is currently working in the area affected by the Moroccan earthquake, in an effort involving three of their local teams. Their activities are focused on providing lifesaving veterinary treatment, care and food to injured and abandoned working animals, and helping working donkeys and mules who are currently supporting the rescue effort.

Your support will help SPANA – and all our member charities – continue their lifesaving work for animals who urgently need their help.