December 6, 2020 | Animal Stories

Yann visits the mobile clinic

Yann visits the mobile clinic

In the hot, dry, dusty environment of Basra, a suburb on the far outskirts of the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott, Yann was brought to the Together for Animals member SPANA’s mobile clinic suffering from painful harness wounds.

Yann works nine hours each day, trudging through intense heat pulling heavy loads of water to support his owner Sekhou’s family.

However, all of this hard work was taking its toll on the trusty donkey. The harness he used to pull his cart was starting to dig into his body, causing painful wounds that rubbed as he walked. If these weren’t treated, Yann would be at risk of getting an infection.

Sekhou was devastated when he noticed his loyal donkey was in pain. He knew he had to get Yann’s wounds seen to as soon as possible. Living in this remote suburb, veterinary care is hard to come by, especially if, like Sekhou, you don’t have the money to pay for it. Thankfully, Sekhou had heard about the SPANA mobile clinic and took Yann along right away.

The vet inspected Yann’s wounds and quickly set about treating them. He cleaned and dressed the sores, then gave Yann some antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to prevent infection and reduce the swelling. He then advised an extremely grateful Sekhou to let Yann rest until the wounds had healed, and showed him how to properly fit a harness so Yann wouldn’t develop wounds in future.

Thanks to your regular gifts animals like Yann, who otherwise wouldn’t have any access to veterinary care, can receive the treatment they need. Thank you.