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November 12 2018 Gloria’s first family Christmas

Poor Gloria had a terrible start in life but she’s now looking forward to her first Christmas with her new family, thanks to Together for Animals member, Blue Cross. An unsuspecting family had bought Gloria from what was likely to have been a puppy farm. Sadly, like many pets who have been bred purely for profit, it… Read more »

November 12 2018 Changing working animals’ lives

Thanks to Together for Animals supporters, SPANA has been able to provide more than 310,000 free treatments to working animals across the globe in the last year. SPANA’s dedicated staff treat hardworking donkeys, horses, camels and elephants for a wide range of injuries, illnesses and disease, including providing lifesaving surgery. In Morocco alone, SPANA’s five… Read more »

July 5 2018 World Horse Welfare saves Tantana from a life confined to a stable

World Horse Welfare Field Officer Tony Evans was called out to assist with a welfare concern involving a group of horses in central Wales in October 2016. When Tony arrived he was immediately concerned with the condition of these horses. Many of them were over the age of 20, in a very thin, poor condition… Read more »

July 4 2018 SPANA rescues helpless victims of drought

A terrible drought has been worsening in Turkana, Kenya’s largest county, over the past two years. Water is sparse, disease is rife, and thousands of animals are close to death. On a recent trip to the region, our team were astounded and deeply saddened by the number of animals separated from their owners after wandering… Read more »

July 3 2018 Mayhew helps abandoned puppy ‘Tiny’

A dehydrated puppy, who was found abandoned under a hedge and wrapped up in a towel, has now found a new safe home to spend the rest of his years in. The three-month-old Chihuahua pup, named Tiny, was discovered by a member of the public late at night, shivering and cold, under a hedge in… Read more »

July 2 2018 Blue Cross takes in Street-smart cat Steve

As the snow began to fall around him, Steve must have been confused and very worried. At just three years old he had never seen snowflakes on the streets of London before, and now the stray cat found himself not only all alone but in desperate need of a safe place to shelter amid the… Read more »

July 1 2018 Teams at AHT face challenges of the ‘Beast from the East’

The Animal Health Trust is a unique organisation with over 200 staff working hard to deliver expert science and care for sick and injured animals 24-7, 365 days a year. We believe the best treatment relies on the best knowledge, so the things we learn from treating sick and injured animals in our care we… Read more »

January 11 2017 AHT Eye Specialists Give Rufus His Sight Back

A two-year-old rescue dog from Cambridgeshire had his sight restored thanks to complex surgery undertaken by vets at the Animal Health Trust (AHT). Rufus, a two year-old Chinese Crested Powder Puff dog, had to undergo two highly complex operations to remove cataracts from both his eyes, as well as a high level of aftercare and… Read more »

January 11 2016 Mayhew and Mindy – The Scared Little Terrier

At Mayhew’s rescue centre, staff are onsite around the clock in order to care for the animals and to additionally deal with any emergencies that may arise overnight. Mayhew night staff were routinely checking the perimeter of the building and found a dirty carrier dumped in a corner. Inside the carrier they discovered a cowering,… Read more »

January 11 2015 World Horse Welfare and Bess

Bess is a 13.2hh 9-year-old Shire-Cross who arrived at World Horse Welfare’s Glenda Spooner Farm in Somerset back in 2011. When she arrived Bess was emaciated, was lice ridden and had overgrown feet. Having been abandoned for so long, she was terrified of people and machinery. Bess was also heavily pregnant but sadly lost her… Read more »