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January 11 2015 World Horse Welfare and Bess

Bess is a 13.2hh 9-year-old Shire-Cross who arrived at World Horse Welfare’s Glenda Spooner Farm in Somerset back in 2011. When she arrived Bess was emaciated, was lice ridden and had overgrown feet. Having been abandoned for so long, she was terrified of people and machinery. Bess was also heavily pregnant but sadly lost her… Read more »

January 11 2014 SPANA and the saving of Bullo

SPANA’s team in Ethiopia recently treated a horse called Bullo, whose lameness had been aggravated by the use of firing. The red-hot irons used to fire Bullo had also left terrible wounds, making him vulnerable to serious infections. Bullo’s owner had been advised by his friends to fire his horse, but the lameness worsened. After… Read more »

January 11 2013 Blue Cross cares for tiny kitten found on London tube train

A tiny kitten, thought to be just about four-weeks-old, was discovered on a London Underground train at Victoria station one Monday night. A passenger discovered the kitten in a box left on the train and took her to their customer services. Tube worker Sue Cooper arranged for to be brought to the nearby Blue Cross… Read more »