January 21, 2024 | Animal Stories

Frodo’s incredible journey

Frodo’s incredible journey

Frodo was found close to death in 2014 – he was just a few months old, emaciated, and infested with lice. He was so weak that he had collapsed and was unable to stand unaided.

Thankfully, Frodo was found just in time and was able to be nursed back to health by our member World Horse Welfare. As he grew stronger, Frodo’s wonderful temperament became apparent and once he was ready for his next chapter he was rehomed as a youngster. Frodo flourished in his new home but returned to Penny Farm in 2018 due to a sad change in his rehomer’s circumstances.

Champion Rescue Pony.

Having just turned four years old when he came back to the farm, Frodo was assessed by the team and successfully brought into work. His fabulous temperament came to the fore when, a mere eight weeks after he had been backed to ride, Frodo was crowned Champion Rescue Pony at Equifest 2018. His show ring success continued after that and he placed highly in some very large classes.

Frodo’s showing journey even included taking part in the Royal Windsor Horse Show in 2019. After his outing to Windsor, Frodo was ready to find a new home as a pleasure competition pony – and unsurprisingly he was very popular!

Sam and Cara rehomed Frodo and we’re delighted that Frodo is now a much-loved member of the family, as fabulous as ever, and continues to stand out in the show ring. Cara and Frodo have built an incredible bond.

Truly transformed.

Sam says: “We rehomed Frodo in October 2019 and now we really can’t imagine life without him! It’s lovely to watch Cara and Frodo progressing together. They have such a lovely bond. He really has become very much part of the family and we’re delighted with how he’s turned his hoof to all sorts, from Pony Club activities to further wins in the show ring. We’re very proud of him being successful in several classes at Traditional of the Year Show (TOYS) in July and thrilled he was crowned Traditional Rescue Pony of the Year.”

Cara added: “I never thought I would have got the opportunity to rehome Frodo after seeing him and falling in love with him at the Nedz event we had gone to watch. I can’t believe how lucky I am and can’t imagine life without him now. He’s such an honest pony, never lets me down and tries his best at everything we do.”

It’s safe to say that Frodo truly has been transformed from the very poorly foal found close to death in 2014 – he’s now a happy, healthy, much-loved pony with plenty of success under his belt already and continuing with his winning ways, taking prizes at shows and even going on holiday with his rehomers to the Lake District where he didn’t put a hoof wrong!

Thank you for helping animals like Frodo.