Corporate Partnerships

A corporate partnership with Together for Animals gives your organisation the unique opportunity to help four animal welfare charities and make a positive difference to the lives of thousands of pets and working animals in the UK and abroad.

No animal should suffer from injury, disease, abuse or neglect. We are helping save cats, dogs, donkeys and horses from suffering by raising vital funds for our four member charitiesBlue Cross, Mayhew, SPANA, and World Horse Welfare.

Each donation received is shared between our members, which means that your support will help thousands of animals in need, making a difference to their lives, now and in the future.

Whether you are a small business or large organisation, as a charity we need your support to ensure pets and working animals can lead happy, healthy lives. Your support will help us:

• Ensure animals are treated with the respect and kindness they deserve.
• Find happy homes for abandoned or unwanted pets and horses.
• Provide veterinary care for animals in need, including working animals in the world’s poorest communities.

Working in partnership with Together for Animals you will be supporting a range of diverse projects helping both animals in need and the communities who rely on those animals, while strengthening your brand, meeting your corporate social responsibilities, and making an important difference.

Together our members and our amazing supporters are making a huge difference to the lives of so many animals every year. Last year our supporters helped:

9,956 unwanted, abandoned or neglected animals find loving new homes,
provide 395,531 animals with free veterinary care and clinical support, saving them from suffering,
educate 224,367 people on the best ways to care for their animals,
provide 9,099 pieces of humane equipment to working animal owners.

Everyday our supporters are helping save pets and working animals from disease, neglect and abuse.

The most effective charity partnerships are when both parties mutually benefit. At Together for Animals we understand this and will work closely with you to build a strong, positive programme that your company and staff will benefit from, as well as supporting our charitable aim and helping animals in need. This could include:

• Your business can make a donation to Together for Animals and help give pets and working animals happier, healthier  lives.
• Championing us as your Charity of the Year.
• Hosting a fundraising event in your workplace or local community.
• Running a Payroll Giving campaign, encouraging staff to sign up to make regular donations from their pay.
• Match funding for any staff who complete a personal fundraising challenge, or sign up to give via payroll giving.
• Donate a percentage from the sale of a product.
• Small business can also support us through our Work For Good page.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss and explore these opportunities with you further and share some of the stories of the amazing animals our members have helped. Please contact Caroline on 07545 073 855 caroline@togetherforanimals.org.uk.