April 2, 2024 | Animal Stories

Matted Murphy flourishes

Matted Murphy flourishes

Many animals like Murphy, arrive at Together for Animals’ member charities at their lowest point.

When he arrived at our member Mayhew Murphy was timid and withdrawn, suffering from ear infections, decaying teeth and with heavy matting weighing over 2kgs on his ears and chest. Despite his condition, Murphy leant into his carers for affection and seemed relieved to be at Mayhew. It was upsetting to see this gentle soul in such a state of crisis. After several months of veterinary treatment and loving care from the team, Murphy was ready to be rehomed.

We are delighted to tell you that Murphy is flourishing in his forever home. His owner Colin said: “When we first picked up Murphy, he didn’t really know how to be a dog. He loved being around you and followed us from room to room but when we tried to play with his toys or run around with him he didn’t really understand. [Six months on…] He’s still not quite mastered playing with a ball but any soft toys (he loves his duck) and he’s all for it.”

Now Murphy is helping others

And what’s more, Colin and Murphy are now volunteers on Mayhew’s Therapaws programme. They visit a care home specialising in dementia care once a week. Being such a gentle dog who loves people, Murphy is ideally suited as a therapy dog and he enjoys having lots of fuss, treats and love while the residents gain so much from interacting with Murphy and chatting to Colin.

Your kind donations help our member charities work during these difficult times. There has been an unprecedented demand for animal welfare and veterinary services provided by all our members. Your support helps them continue to be there for animals like Murphy.