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Because of the kind support and donations Together for Animals receives, we are able to help change the lives of cats, dogs, donkeys, and horses. Keep up to date with all our latest news:

Newborn foal Kustana’s swollen leg Animal Stories
August 3, 2020
Newborn foal Kustana’s swollen leg

11-year-old Souhaiel was excited that his parents had decided to buy a new horse to help them work in the fields. They travelled to the horse market near their village in central Tunisia to pick out their animal. The family chose a strong-looking bay mare and called her ‘Ayata’. They were delighted when she began […]

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Ned survives against all odds Animal Stories
July 19, 2020
Ned survives against all odds

Tiny Ned was found by the docks in Grimsby, completely alone and only six weeks old. The poor thing was rushed to our member Blue Cross’ nearby animal hospital. Caked in dirt and terribly skinny, Ned was in such a state that during the health check all pets get when they arrive, the vet thought […]

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Fern had been neglected for weeks Animal Stories
July 5, 2020
Fern had been neglected for weeks

Fern was in very poor condition but her life was transformed thanks to a call to our member World Horse Welfare. When she was found her in March 2015, Fern clearly hadn’t been cared for properly for weeks. World Horse Welfare’s Field Officer Rachel Andrews visited the site reported to them by a member of […]

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Bow found days away from death Animal Stories
June 21, 2020
Bow found days away from death

Whilst fleas are an easily treatable parasite amongst most cats and dogs, young or small animals that become infected are at a high risk of developing serious complications such anaemia and potentially fatal heart conditions. Sadly, this was the reality for eight-week-old Bow, a tiny kitten who had either got lost or been abandoned when […]

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Regina lends a helping hand to animals Animal Stories
June 7, 2020
Regina lends a helping hand to animals

12-year-old Regina embraces a message of compassion towards working animals through Together for Animals member SPANA’s humane welfare education classes in Tanzania. Regina lives with her parents and two sisters in a remote region of Tanzania. Her family supports themselves through subsistence farming – raising livestock including cattle, sheep, goats and chickens. To help them with the […]

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Bumble and her bucket list Animal Stories
May 18, 2020
Bumble and her bucket list

After being diagnosed with incurable kidney cancer, this one-in-a-million dog is spending her remaining time cramming in as many adventures as possible, while helping other dogs in need. Bumble may not have the years ahead of her that such a special dog deserves, but the love, fun and adventure filling her remaining days would be […]

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From forlorn pony to driving star! Animal Stories
April 28, 2020
From forlorn pony to driving star!

Palomino gelding Graham came into Together for Animals member World Horse Welfare’s care in 2017 after being found in a filthy stable, underweight and in poor condition. Thanks to the dedication of the Penny Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre team, Graham, a Welsh cross standing at 11.2hh, was soon unrecognisable from the scraggly forlorn pony […]

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Keeping pets and loving owners together Animal Stories
April 13, 2020
Keeping pets and loving owners together

Together for Animals London based member Mayhew’s Pet Refuge programme is part of their work with the community, caring for the pets of people who are at a crisis point in their life and have no one else to turn to. They look after dogs and cats for short periods of time, giving them shelter […]

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Dot saves sick brother’s life Animal Stories
March 30, 2020
Dot saves sick brother’s life

Without his devoted brother by his side, Specks probably wouldn’t have made it. The poorly black kitten was found huddled up with sibling, Dot, in a west London garden, as the pair desperately battled to keep warm in the grip of winter. As well as being freezing cold, filthy and frightened, the four-month-old brothers were […]

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