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Guest blog: Benefits of Having a Pet for The Elderly News
April 11, 2022
Guest blog: Benefits of Having a Pet for The Elderly

April marks National Pet Month, an event that raises awareness of the importance of our furry friends. Here is everything you need to know about the benefits of having a pet for the elderly: How can pets help the elderly? Owning a pet can have huge benefits for your mental and physical health. Older people […]

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Heavily pregnant cats rescued Animal Stories
April 11, 2022
Heavily pregnant cats rescued

This winter, a resident who lives close to Together for Animals member Mayhew, was putting out her rubbish when she discovered two heavily pregnant cats in a cardboard box beside the bins. It was freezing cold, but thankfully the resident took in both cats and gave them a warm home to have their babies. On […]

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Karma’s fortune turned around Animal Stories
April 3, 2022
Karma’s fortune turned around

A pregnant dog who was hours away from giving birth without a roof over her head found herself in our member Blue Cross’ care in the nick of time. Karma’s devastated owner, who had suddenly found herself unable to keep her, was in a race against the clock to find her much-loved pet a safe […]

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National Pet Month Appeals
March 29, 2022
National Pet Month

April is National Pet Month, raising awareness of responsible pet ownership and celebrating the benefits of living with pets. Animals contribute so much to our mental and physical wellbeing – by working together with our member charities we are ensuring that they can enjoy happier, healthier lives. What better time to celebrate our pets and […]

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14 ponies rescued Animal Stories
March 28, 2022
14 ponies rescued

December 2021 proved to be particularly busy with new arrivals at our member World Horse Welfare’s Penny Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre, who welcomed 14 little Welsh ponies on the 13th of December. The group came from a very sad situation – their owner had passed away and the family was unable to provide the […]

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Miracle for tiny sick kitten Animal Stories
March 14, 2022
Miracle for tiny sick kitten

Tiny kitten Yoda had collapsed by the time he arrived in Together for Animals member Blue Cross’ care – and wasn’t responding. It was very clear to the team at the Victoria animal hospital in central London that the frail weeks’ old kitten was in grave danger – all because he was taken away from […]

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Update: Ponies rescued Animal Stories
March 1, 2022
Update: Ponies rescued

In late-February 2021, two ponies arrived at Together for Animals member World Horse Welfare’s Glenda Spooner Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Somerset, after being rescued from a small walled garden where both had been kept for many years. Their arrival marked the end of a complex rescue after numerous attempts by World Horse Welfare, […]

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Emergency help for newborn foal Animal Stories
February 21, 2022
Emergency help for newborn foal

Sara the mule was just two days old when she was rushed to Together for Animals member SPANA’s centre in Chemaia, Morocco. Her birth had been trouble-free and her owner, Hassan, had been delighted to see her healthy and well. But little Sara’s health quickly deteriorated. Soon, she was in intense pain and was too weak to stand. Hassan feared that, without urgent treatment, Sara would not […]

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Steps For Pets Appeals
February 15, 2022
Steps For Pets

Can you complete 360,000 steps in six weeks? Every step will help an animal in need.  Our step challenge offers something for everyone, so get your family and friends – even those with four legs – involved! Walk or run a little every day (8,571 steps every day will complete the challenge!), or enjoy longer […]

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