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Because of the kind support and donations Together for Animals receives, we are able to help change the lives of cats, dogs, donkeys, and horses. Keep up to date with all our latest news:

From frozen foal to sculpture star Animal Stories
April 8, 2019
From frozen foal to sculpture star

Lucas was rescued from a freezing field at just ten months old, alongside his emaciated mother who was in foal again. Thankfully, Lucas and his mother India were rescued just in time by Together for Animals member World Horse Welfare, and nursed back to health with specialist veterinary care. Lucas thrived in the charity’s care […]

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National Pet Month News
April 5, 2019
National Pet Month

April is National Pet Month – promoting responsible pet ownership and raising awareness of the incredible work of animal charities across the UK. Animals contribute so much to our mental and physical wellbeing. By working together we are ensuring that they can enjoy the happier, healthier lives that they deserve. To start with we want […]

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Responsible ownership in Marrakech News
April 1, 2019
Responsible ownership in Marrakech

In the vibrant city of Marrakech, Morocco, you’ll find hundreds of horses working through the heat of the day pulling heavy taxi carriages, known as ‘caleches’. These horses ferry tourists and locals around and often suffer from painful harness wounds, lameness and dehydration. For their owners, these working animals play a vital role: they provide […]

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Crunchie and her amazing life Animal Stories
March 22, 2019
Crunchie and her amazing life

Crunchie is one of the luckier horses to be rehomed through Together for Animals member, World Horse Welfare.  She wasn’t the subject of cruelty or abuse, but what she has achieved has helped benefit thousands of horses around the world.  Not only was she Suzanne’s best friend, she has also been the best friend to […]

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Weight loss success for obese cat Animal Stories
March 13, 2019
Weight loss success for obese cat

Just over one year ago, poor Flora was homeless, dangerously overweight and at risk of a wide range of health issues as a result. But thanks to Together for Animals member Blue Cross, and the care of a loving new family, the eight-year-old cat has had a dramatic turnaround in fortunes – and she is […]

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Caring for Bob in a time of crisis News
February 27, 2019
Caring for Bob in a time of crisis

As part of Together for Animals member Mayhew’s community support, they run a Pet Refuge programme to help vulnerable people and their pets. This was set up in 2004 to help owners who have no other option of help to care for their animal at crisis points in their life. Mayhew provides shelter and care […]

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New cancer research will save lives News
February 13, 2019
New cancer research will save lives

Research conducted by a team of scientists and vets at Together for Animals member Animal Health Trust, in collaboration with the University of Liverpool, offers new hope to vets and dog owners. Cutaneous mast cell tumours are the most common form of skin cancer in dogs. Aggressive forms of these tumours often recur, or spread […]

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Magic is a true part of the family Animal Stories
January 27, 2019
Magic is a true part of the family

We love hearing the stories of what the horses and ponies rehomed by our member World Horse Welfare get up to and when they received these gorgeous photos of Magic from his rehomers, we had to share them. Martha entered her rehomed pony, Magic, in our Rehomed Horse of the Year competition in 2018 and […]

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Arifa’s limp threatens her future Animal Stories
January 16, 2019
Arifa’s limp threatens her future

Aziz rescued emaciated Arifa from a Moroccan horse market and gave her a new lease of life. But an accident in the stables threatened to derail her recovery and, with it, the financial future of her new owner. As soon as 28-year-old Aziz saw the skinny brown mare at his local market in Marrakech, he […]

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